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Tourist visa to the UK

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 ?? Visitor visa  ?? Student visitor up to 6 months  ?? Fiance visa  ?? Transit visa
 ?? Business visa  ?? Student visitor up to 11 months  ?? Wife visa (Settlement)  ?? Appeal
 ?? Student visa Tier 4  ?? Marriage visa  ?? Visa EEA family permit  ?? Services and prices

What documents are required for a tourist visa to the United Kingdom?

  1. Valid international passport.
  2. Documents which can proof income (employment letter, tax declaration etc.).
  3. Bank statement.
  4. Documents for the properties (if applicable).
  5. Family ties with Ukraine (wife, husband, children and even if they do not go with you to England and they do not need to open a visa to the UK).
  6. Hotel booking or other confirmation of residential address in the UK for the period of a tourist trip.
  7. If you are the student you need to provide student ID and/or certificate from the school or university.
  8. If you are under 16 years old you need to provide a letter of consent from the parents.
  9.  Visa application form for Tourist Visa to the UK.

NB: photo for a British visa application is not required. You will be photographed directly at the Visa Application Centre for the UK.

This list of documents is not final, it varies based on your individual situation. That is why we advise you to contact our visa specialist for assistance and detailed consultation on the documents that you need to provide in your case for a guaranteed visa for the UK. Contact us via Viber, Telegram or Whatsapp 063 59 58 501  ·  097 221 99 69  ·  095 610 75 21 or write a request for mail info@prosto-visa.in.ua.

How much does a tourist visa to UK cost for Ukrainians?

Tourist visa to England for Ukrainians price/tourist visa to the United Kingdom price

UK visa fee:

 UK tourist visa up to 6 months  115 EUR
 UK tourist visa up to 2 years  420 EUR
 UK tourist visa up to 5 years  747 EUR
 UK tourist visa up to 10 years  936 EUR


The cost of our visa services: 

 99 EUR  Visa Standart
 125 EUR  Visa Standart +
 500 EUR  Visa Guarantee
 250 EUR  Visa after refusal
 1500 EUR  Visa PREMIUM

Detailed information on each package of services you can find on the page “Services and prices”.

The processing time for a tourist visa to England/UK

A tourist visa to the UK is usually opened within 2-3 weeks from the date of submission of documents to the Visa Centre. For an extra fee in amount 254 EUR, an express UK tourist visa service is available. Your documents will process from 5 to 7  days.

*The visa to the UK for Ukrainians forum says that sometimes the Consular Section delays the consideration of a visa until 3 months. But this is extremely rare and only if the controversial situation on the Application form. 

The validity of tourist visa to England

Standardly, a tourist visa to England/Britain is given for 6 months with multiple entries. Visa is considered to be valid from the time of the decision of the visa officer.

Those who already had a tourist visa to the UK for Ukrainians, and you visited the UK for this visa at least two, preferably three times, you can apply for a tourist visa to the UK for 2 years or more.

Для получения консультации звоните по номерам 063 59 58 501; 097 221 99 69
Или отправляйте запрос на электронный адрес info@prosto-visa.in.ua
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