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Киев, ул. Линейная 17, офис 301 (м. Олимпийская)
(063) 595 85 01 info@prosto-visa.in.ua
Киев, ул. Линейная 17, офис 301 (м. Олимпийская)
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The cost of the American visa in 2022

American visa typeTerms of the visaThe cost of consular fees
US tourist visa B2, Guest visa to the United States on the invitation В210 years 160 $
Business visa to the US on the invitation В110 years160 $
 American Seaman’s visa С1D10 years160 $
American fiancee visa, American wife visa К1/К210 years 265 $

The cost of visa services packages of the Visa in UA Agency

Package nameService listCost
«Visa to the USA Plus»
  • Consultation. We provide a list and examples of documents
  • We check the documents
  • We fill out the visa application form online
  • We book the hotel for the visa
  • We prepare you for the interview in the Embassy
  • We register for an interview
  • We provide personal support in the Embassy
  • We receive a passport after the visa decision
  • We deliver the passport to hands
  • We prepare documents for the visa again if you receive a refusal at the first interview
200 EUR
Для получения консультации звоните по номерам 063 59 58 501; 097 221 99 69
Или отправляйте запрос на электронный адрес info@prosto-visa.in.ua
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