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Киев, ул. Линейная 17, офис 301 (м. Олимпийская)
(063) 595 85 01 info@prosto-visa.in.ua
Киев, ул. Линейная 17, офис 301 (м. Олимпийская)
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Пн–Пт: 10:00 - 18:00
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Istvan Bornemissza

Amazing service! After two refusals my mother-in-law finally received her first UK visa which to be honest I thought was impossible. It was a great decision to use their service as the first two times we tried to apply alone and both times got refused. The girls really know what they are doing. They gave us a list of documents they needed for the application and they sorted out the rest. When the passport arrived at the visa center Kate sent it back to us via courier which was included in the service. I highly recommend everybody to use them!

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Istvan Bornemissza
Для получения консультации звоните по номерам 063 59 58 501; 097 221 99 69
Или отправляйте запрос на электронный адрес info@prosto-visa.in.ua
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